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Am I Open, or Am I Closed?

Is My Heart Open Or Closed?

Our tendency has been to rush through life, checking off our to- do lists in some sort of hurry to get somewhere! Where? to the end? We are too busy to actually be a part of our own life. We are too busy to see the people around us, to see what matters.

When we think about the people in our life who have been influential, what we remember is not their actions, nor is it always their words, it is their presence. Ones' presence speaks to us louder than words. Ones' presence is imbued with what is within. If we can cultivate wisdom, love, peace and tolerance we will radiate that outward. If we cultivate fear, intolerance, prejudice and pain , we will radiate the same.

The Vision and the Mission of the "28 Days To Open Your Heart" program is in the "Being" rather than in the doing. It is an inner change that takes place.

The Vision

Our vision of this 28 day challenge is to learn about and grow our "Self" with and in love. This "Self" is our true self, our true center. Our open heart corresponds with this center. As we learn about opening, and as we open our hearts and minds, we learn that "open" is synonymous with acceptance, with love, and with our true nature. If you are willing to embark on this challenge and apply it to your life, you will experience more joy, tolerance , relaxed awareness, non-judgement, peace, beauty, creativity and purpose. An open heart and open hearted people live life in a different way. They live without all the shoulds. They live free from the mental constraints and emotional limitations. Open hearted living can and will affect the circle of life all around you. Every 24 hours of each day will be lived with presence and gratitude, with joy rather than living in survival and pain.

Life is the most incredible blessing that we have been given. We know not the length or the prescribed hour of our death. But as we awaken, we see this opportunity to be who we truly are in every aspect of life. In this, we change our relationship to our bodies, to our health, to our very breath. We change our relationships with our loved ones, with our families, and with the earth. We change our perception of the bigger plan and even of the divine plan and we see our purpose in being here.

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"The Relationship we have with our 'Self' is exactly the same relationship we will have with Everyone else."